Leadership and Staff

We are an independently governed Church, not responsible to any denominational head office. We have elders, deacons and wider leadership. The elders and their wives are currently:


Bill and Rosalie Bennett

Bill and Rosalie are faithful servants at Ridgeway and have been for many years, serving as deacons before coming on the Eldership team. The first thing noticeable about this couple is their deep love for Jesus, which radiates from them. They love God's word by outliving it.

Geoff and Doreen Mitchell
geoffdoreen 10 
Geoff and Doreen have been with the Church since 2007. Doreen has a heart for Worship and leads the Music Team. Geoff has a heart for Pastoral Care and also serves in Kids Church on a regular basis.

Youth Leader

Kitty Lyons

Kitty Lyons took up the position of Trainee Youth Pastor in February 2018. She has an amazing heart for young people of all ages, and is
actively involved in the local schools and the young people of our community, as well as youth at Ridgeway. Kitty has a gift in leading worship too.

 Kids Church Leaders

Katherine Taylor

Roger Bacon

CIO includes

Neil Taylor

Christiana Jemade 

Roger Bacon