Listen to the recent Testimonies of how Jesus has changed lives from our recent Baptism Service. Four Powerful testimonies from Solice Sowah, Kitty Lyons, Ada Boas and Dominic Parker.


We asked various members of Ridgeway Church to reflect on how Jesus had impacted their life over the last year. Below are some responses:

 'In the last 12 to 18 months Jesus has...'

... taught me the importance of, and how to extend, forgiveness.

... baptised me, implanted a vision in my mind and made it reality in 
WildFire and taken me to Kenya; he has opened my eyes and taken me
where I never thought I'd go.

... has taught me his peace as I wait on him in the midst of uncertain circumstances. 

... taught me to trust him more and worry less.

.. taught me that I will not be abandoned by God, even when I think I have been.

... guided us to a new church.

... been revealed to me as someone far above and beyond what I'd previously thought - more than a just man who died on the cross for my sin, but one who is the ultimate reality of existence and life itself.

... continued to enrich the soil of which my new roots grasped - at first in desperation and now in adoration.  Never anonymous in Christ. Tell everyone