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Welcome to Ridgeway Church, London E4

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Whether you are looking for a regular Church home, planning to visit us on a Sunday, want to listen to an encouraging message, or seeking answers to Life's big questions, we hope you will find what you need and catch something of the heart of the Church and it's vision.                                                                                        

At Ridgeway, we come together to learn and grow in what it means to live out the teachings of Jesus relevantly in the 21st Century, believing this is the best possible way to live life. We view both life and faith as a journey which we do not believe is intended to be walked alone.

We are truly a family Church, based on a foundation of love, and everyone is welcome at Ridgeway. For those who make this church their spiritual home , we encourage everyone to bring who they are as a contribution to Church life. This means we don't conform to boxes. The service style varies every week depending on who is contributing. It is a joy to see individuals released into what God has called and gifted them to do and that despite the diversity in individual styles, preferences and even theology that we can live together in unity with a oneness focused on Christ.

So together we explore what it means to follow the ancient pathway of Christ  - the way of love - here on the outskirts of one of the world's most vibrant cities.

We hope that in visiting us online you will feel a part of Ridgeway, even if for a short few minutes, wherever you are in the world.

God Bless

                                                                 David Kirsten10

 David & Kirsten Parker (Pastors)   

We have been privileged to pastor this Church for 14 years now and on July 14 2019 we had our final service in that role before moving to Norfolk. Two things became clear for us: Firstly we believe with God's grace we have laid the foundations of the church we were meant to build. The foundation of love and life is so solid, and a joy to behold and be in the midst of.  Secondly words cannot express the pain in leaving our beloved family that is Ridgeway Church. On that final morning what a feeling it was to look out over the congregation with such a diverse mix of people of different ages, cultures, and social & Church backgrounds....and to know for the last  14 years, we have had the privilege of journeying, growing and learning alongside every precious individual, each doing life carrying their own joys, hopes, hurts, struggles, and difficulties, but also carrying the Living God in the midst it all...and realising that as we come together, and become God's Church, serving, praying, caring, supporting and loving one another...that there is simply in that, a beauty that cannot be equaled. May God lead Ridgeway Forward and continue to mould and shape the church into His unique design.

Helping people of all ages find Jesus Christ as Saviour and follow Him as Lord.


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