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Summer of Fun and Fellowship with Ridgeway Church

So you may have seen or heard that Ridgeway Church are hosting a summer of fun and fellowship and well, we are here to confirm it's true!

A flyer for Ridgeway Church's Summer Activities
Ridgeway Church Summer of Fun and Fellowship Flyer 2023

What is a Summer of Fun and Fellowship?

An opportunity to meet, socialise, create and have new experiences with old and new friends within the local community and beyond. You can choose which events you want to attend and rock up alone or with friends and family. Either way we are determined to make the most of the summer and we want to make sure you can to without spending your last penny!

So what activities are Ridgeway Church hosting?

Well where should we start....

Do I need to register to attend?

We understand that the summer holidays can become a bit of a blur when the kids are home and family are over. So if there are events on the list that you are keen on attending, particularly events that require pre-payment, we would encourage you to register your interest for them by filling in our form:

Once complete, we will keep you updated on the when, where and how! You can also opt out if you are no longer interested in attending nor want to be updated about other events we have going and you will be removed from our contact list.

Where will these activities be based?

East London will be where all activities take place, from Stratford to Chingford. There is a lot to do on our side of town and we want to explore it, whilst also remaining a commutable distance.

Do we need to pay?

Activities hosted in the Church or public spaces i.e. the park, are free to attend. You can bring your own drinks/snacks too if you wish (but no alcohol or recreational drugs permitted before or during events/activities). However for activities that require pre-booking to attend i.e. cinema, you will need to purchase your ticket (s) beforehand or at the latest, on the day of the activity to avoid any delay or disappointment when we reach the venue.

Can I drop the kids off?

If you're little ones are under 18, we ask that parents/carers stay with us for the duration of the activity. Although there will be at least 1 member of staff from the Church available at every event, to ensure everyone can have a good time, we feel it's best parents/carers are there.

Still have more questions? Then please do contact us and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Hope to see you there! 🎡



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